Lucas Cameron
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Lucas Cameron

Lucas Cameron: A Boy's Life.

I was born at 01:05 on Wednesday 4th August 2004 in Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester, Dorset, England. I went home to Corfe Castle on Saturday 7th August 2004. My name is Lucas Cameron. These pictures are my life.

My wish is to be affectionate, generous, spirited, and adaptable. I want to be kind and true. I hope to be brave, and step forward.

Maybe I'll like peaches, maybe I'll play viola, or maybe I'll change our fortunes. But, today, I don't have any special plans.

If you'd like to look at my on-line shop, it's full of stuff that my Dad sells in his shop, Cherry Heaven. When I sell something, I get a bit of money for my money box: apparently, I need to save something for when I'm older.

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